List of all members of our company.
Matthew Kim


Head of Marketing and Technology

Bio to come.

Marc Bablot


Chief Financial and Operations Officer

Bio to come.

Matthew Christopherson


Head of Recruiting and Sales

Bio to come.

Alexander Sanhaji

Alexander Sanhaji

Lead Technology Manager
Blaize Stillwell

Blaize Stillwell

Sales Manager
Brian Thai

Brian Thai

Direct Marketing Supervisor
Christopher Jin

Christopher Jin

P&C Director
Gloria Choi

Gloria Choi

Sales Team Leader
Hillary Neser

Hillary Neser

Ancillary Manager
Jiman Kim

Jiman Kim

Operations Manager
John Cullen

John Cullen

Sales Team Leader
Jolene Parker

Jolene Parker

Sales Team Leader
Karena Im

Karena Im

HR & Engagement Lead
Lesley Bazant

Lesley Bazant

Sales Team Leader
Ricky Yu

Ricky Yu

Application Support Manager
Billy Cockerham

Billy Cockerham

Brian Morales

Brian Morales

Bryan Black

Bryan Black

Cedric Tu

Cedric Tu

Daniel Chang

Daniel Chang

Erik Haveman

Erik Haveman

Harrison Kim

Harrison Kim

James Stewart

James Stewart

James Cox

James Cox

Joey Salinas

Joey Salinas

John -Enriquez Ortiz

John -Enriquez Ortiz

Julian Burgess

Julian Burgess

Julianne Towle

Julianne Towle

Pablo Quinonez

Pablo Quinonez

Peter Nguyen

Peter Nguyen

Sebastian Perry

Sebastian Perry

Steven Marvle

Steven Marvle

Sydney Woolley

Sydney Woolley

Tina Scarsciotti

Tina Scarsciotti

Zachary Carrillo

Zachary Carrillo

Edward Thomas

Edward Thomas

IT Systems Administrator
Johnny Maldonado

Johnny Maldonado

Senior Systems Administrator
Zachary Tan

Zachary Tan

Desktop Support
Antonio Arias

Antonio Arias

Brenda Reynosa

Brenda Reynosa

Celeste Colunga

Celeste Colunga

Danielle Guzman

Danielle Guzman

Marcus Ghalebi

Marcus Ghalebi

Walter Mclaughlin

Walter Mclaughlin

Angela Park

Angela Park

Grace Hong

Grace Hong

Jalyssa Carigma

Jalyssa Carigma

Billy Baber

Billy Baber

Gary Singh

Gary Singh

Ian Dunigan

Ian Dunigan

Jason Aszman

Jason Aszman

Jeffrey Garcia

Jeffrey Garcia

Joanna Lopez

Joanna Lopez

Lukas Poprac

Lukas Poprac

Scott Herrington

Scott Herrington