Why have Insurance Benefts?
Our goal at SureCo, as a boutique insurance agency, is to provide top quality long-term benefits with unbeatable service to address the unique needs of all our clients. SureCo Insurance offers the best-of-breed products and highly renounced health carriers by carefully analyzing the Marketplace for cost-effective products, solutions and services all the while staying within compliance regulations.

Why sign up with SureCo Insurances Benefits?

SureCo Insurance Agency establishes benchmarks from the Marketplace’s data to make strategic decisions with your organizations’ best interest in mind.

SureCo offers full and open communication allowing both the employer and employee to have knowledge of every aspect of their coverage. Our expertise with insurance benefits will also create an advantage within your company when attracting and retaining talent. SureCo promises that your employees will not only celebrate but appreciate knowing that their company is rewarding them for signing on to a healthy and life-changing plan.

Impact of Not Sponsoring Health Insurance
Dissatisfied with employer's handling of the situation
Would leave their job immediately
Would plan to leave within 12 months (36% of full-time employees)
Would be less motivated to work hard
Would be absent more often

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