General Liability Insurance

About General Liability Insurance

Lawsuits against your company and its assets can be devastating. Allow us to aide in protecting your business from a variety of claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and others that could put your assets at risk. General Liability Insurance, or GLI, can be purchased as part of a BOP, or written as a stand-alone policy.

Regardless of the nature of the lawsuit, there will be costs associated including, legal fees, settlement, and final judgement of the case. GLI provides coverage for these costs, as well as, assistance and guidance with settlements.

Accidents happen, but did you know that even the smallest of errors could result in a loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars? With General Liability insurance, you can rest easy that your business interests are protected from such drastic risks. Our agents will work with you to tailor a policy to the specific needs of your company.

What can General Liability Insurance cover you from?

Property Damage Lawsuit A contractor is hired to fix the plumbing in a personal home. One of his employees forgets to shut off the water before beginning to work which causes a flood and permanent damage to the client’s home. In turn, the client sues the contractor for $200,000 in property damage.

Product Liability Lawsuit John’s Toy Barn is sued when one of his products malfunctions and burns the consumer’s hands. The lawsuit not only bankrupts the store, but destroys its reputation as well.

Personal Injury Lawsuit Tony neglects to provide his employee with the proper safety equipment which results in the loss of said employee’s finger. The lawsuit that arises costs the company over $400,000 when all is said and done.