Why do you need Cyber Insurance?

Large or small, your company is a target to cyber criminals and the repercussions of a data breach can be even more drastic than you may realize.

Without cyber insurance, you are solely responsible for the costs of any data breach or information leaks, including loss of business, investigations, retrieval of lost information, or crisis management.

Cyber liability insurance provides coverage that could potentially keep your doors open in the event of a cyber attack. This can be extremely beneficial for small businesses because you will have access to cash until you can resume normal operations. Our products provide protection from Network Security Liability, Privacy Liability, Network Extortion, and more.

Average Cost of a Data Breach

Things you should know

Be proactive, rather than reactive. Have a breach response plan in place.

Remember to educate your executives and employees on their part in security protection measures and recovery plan.

Just because you have an IT department does not mean your risks are neutralized.