Auto Insurance

Why do you need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Protect your company and drivers from hazards on the road

If you’re using vehicles for business purposes, whether transporting people or goods, having commercial auto insurance is vital to cover damages and liabilities not covered by personal auto policies. Even if you already have private auto policies, business usage of vehicles as well as certain types of vehicles are not covered under private auto policies. Knowing when you should get commercial auto insurance can be difficult but here are a few cases where commercial auto insurance is needed:

  • • Using your vehicle for transportation of goods or people for a fee
  • • Using a vehicle for business related services
  • • Towing or hauling equipment (e.g. Construction)
  • • Ownership of the vehicle is under the name of the company/corporation

What can Commercial Auto Insurance do for you?

Similar to private auto insurance, commercial auto covers expenses that result from accidents involving company employees. These expenses can include property damage as well as medical expenses in the event of injury. Every time one of your employees is on the road, your company is exposed to risks. Maintaining sound commercial auto coverage is paramount to protecting your company from unnecessary financial risk.

Most Common TYpes of Commercial Auto Coverages

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Pays for bodily injuries or deaths in cases where you or an employee of your company is at fault.

Property Damage Liability Coverage Protects against damages to the property of others by a vehicle insured under your company.

Medical Payments Pays for medical expenses of the drivers and passengers in vehicles resulting from an accident, regardless of fault.

Collision Coverage Pays for damages to your vehicle if it hits or is hit by an object.

The cost of commercial auto insurance can vary greatly depending on the state of your business and its usage of company vehicles. The types of vehicles, driver history, and what kind of business you have can all make a significant impact on just how much your premiums can cost. Make sure to speak with one of our agents and ensure that you get the best possible coverage at the lowest price!