Why do you need Bonds?

Need to guarantee payment, but don’t have the capitol upfront?

Whether you own a construction company or a law firm, there are circumstances in which payments must be guaranteed. A bond is, in essence, a contract between one party (the obligee) and another (the principal) with an added layer of protection for the obligee if the principal fails to meet its end of the bargain. Typically, bonds are used to ensure payment in the event that outside factors prohibit a party from making said payment initially.

What can Bonds do for you?

Protect your business, employees, and bottom-line with a variety of Bonds from SureCo

To give an example, a contractor may need to acquire a license or permit bond to guarantee work for licensing requirements with municipalities, while an attorney may have clients that require a court bond to be posted during, or prior to, a trial. We have solutions for both these scenarios and many more. Give us a call today to discover a solution for yourself.

Types of Bonds

License and Permit Bond Type of bonds which are required to obtain a license or a permit in any city, county, or state.

Public Official Bond Bond that guarantees a public official will act with honesty and/or faithful performance. Required by statutes and ordinances.

Court Bond Refers to bonds required in some action of law.

Blanket Fidelity Bond Coverage for employee theft of money, securities, or property.